• Aaron and scott radio show

    Yesterday I had the privilege of being on this radio show with Trudy Reynolds – “What were you thinking?” with Aaron and Scott. We discussed my music and also a “charity” I support – musicians.  I think people don’t know, but the only way musicians get paid is if people pay the One dollar for […]

  • My home continent – Africa

    We are just back from a month in Africa. It can not be described how special this place is. My wife and I are making a documentary on Elephant Ivory and Rhino horn poaching. We met the most remarkable beings, some human, some another species but both inspiring.   For the moment to help the […]

  • Room 5

    Abri will be performing with Chris Pierce, Tara Buck’s fiance (Ginger on True Blood), at the awesome Room 5 on June 18th.   Room 5 143 N La Brea 323-938-2504

  • Raphael’s Studio City

    Abri is performing at this lovely romantic restaurant with the best brussell sprouts, macaroni and cheese, and basil martini’s…every other Thursday at 8:30 pm. Next Dates are June 21, July 5, and 19. (after that call to check the dates)   It’s a great informal time, come join us!   Raphael’s is in Studio City, […]

  • Once again my wife is blogging for me

    Abri is just a bad blogger! There, I said it. I’m afraid he’s just a private luddite who is much more interested in his classical guitar than a keyboard.   But just to give you an update – he’s been recording, being a wonderful Dad to our four rescues, learning to cook Vegan for me, […]

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