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Aaron and scott radio show

Yesterday I had the privilege of being on this radio show with Trudy Reynolds – “What were you thinking?” with Aaron and Scott.

We discussed my music and also a “charity” I support – musicians.  I think people don’t know, but the only way musicians get paid is if people pay the One dollar for our songs – if our music is “shared” with friends, downloaded from …where ever…we can’t continue to feed our families.

If you love music – support musicians. In Tune With Music.

Because we really value sharing our creations with you, and want to be able to keep doing so,

To see the interview and hear my music go to

My home continent – Africa

We are just back from a month in Africa. It can not be described how special this place is. My wife and I are making a documentary on Elephant Ivory and Rhino horn poaching. We met the most remarkable beings, some human, some another species but both inspiring.


For the moment to help the elephants of Africa please sign this petition. We must be loud with our law makers who are slow to act and in this case, we don’t have time to wait.


Thank you, and I look forward to sharing more of this project with you that is so close to our hearts. It is our hearts.

Once again my wife is blogging for me

Abri is just a bad blogger!

There, I said it. I’m afraid he’s just a private luddite who is much more interested in his classical guitar than a keyboard.


But just to give you an update – he’s been recording, being a wonderful Dad to our four rescues, learning to cook Vegan for me, and writing even more amazing songs.


The days go by very quickly and are very full.


I’ll do my best to keep you posted. But I think he is ok at checking in on Facebook if you want more updates than my also infrequent, general blogs.


L, The wife

Kristin here again

Abri is best at song writing, he does it every day, he can’t help it, and he has now accumulated too many gorgeous classic songs to not start addressing recording them. That and the fact that he is not “chatty” or a good typist is why I write to you.

He is in the studio. And will be off to Africa and Sweden, it looks like, working soon. And there will be a benefit concert with Chris Pierce coming this fall as well.

I will miss him but I must let him do other things than being dragged to the US Open with me (above) and off to the Florida Keys next week!

Stay tuned for the next CD, I’ve heard it live and it is stunning.

L, his wife, Kristin