Sunlight and Shadows

Living in L.A
Living in L.A,
Living in the city.
Everything’s a dream and the girls are pretty.
Everybody’s talking
About making movies.
Marylin’s gone now,
And so has James Dean.

Smiling faces everywhere,
On the Santa Monica pier.

How I wish you were here,
Walking down the Boulevard
I wrote you a letter,
Postcard from L.A

Light another cigarette
In a street cafe,
She just smiles and she looks the other way.
She knows it’s easy,
But she knows it’s not free,
As the lights go down
On this city by the sea.


All the world lies sleeping,
but I’m not tired,
There’s a full moon on the ocean tonight.
we can walk out of here and never come back,
We can walk out of here tonight

Lets fly a kite.
On the beach at midnight.
Lets walk the silver line,
Out across the water like Jesus
Out to the other side.

I wonder if they’re dreaming,
I wonder if they know
Do you still believe the things
you said about freedom,
Cos we can walk out of here
and never come back,
We can walk out of here tonight.

If you walk out beyond the breakers
To the deep end of the sea.
You may find a reason to believe


Fallen autumn leaves
These scenes
did you turn to look too soon.

shades of summer gone
won’t be long
do you know it’s only June.

Are you going to find your way,
Are you going to find your way back now you’re…

Walking through the colours fill,
The pictures in your mind
Reflections in the rain
Shades of all your yesterdays
And broken melodies
In a painting by Monet.

Violet turns to blue
gentle hues in your dreams
echoes of a song
linger on in red and green

16th floor

Counting pigeons out on Hollywood Boulevard,
What the hell am I doing here.
747 tail-light disappears.
Sun goes down over the alley ways and avenues
As the last light fades
I know I’ll never see you again.

From the window of the 16th floor
I lose my grip
From the window of the 16th floor
My fingers slip.

See the stars out on the sidewalk,
No stars in my eyes
Been a long time the rain,
Long time goodbyes.
I come looking for salvation in these city streets,
There’s nothing I find

Sound of Waves

I slip between the cracks of another silence
My footsteps echoing
I’m always caught between the sand and sky
And watch the tides roll in.

If I could be the sound of waves
Then I would be…

And it all comes back
In pictures and scenes
Like some black and white movie
No pain like the memories
Of once having been


She talks about deep things
She’s got gold in her hair
Her eyes shine like diamonds
And I’d better take care

She’s got a sweet shy smile
A mouth you could kiss
As we walk by the water
How could I resist

She smells like rain
On a summers day

She thinks about Jesus
And the shape of the world
She thinks I’m an angel
Or so she’s been told.

Dancing with Strangers
And the dance begins again
In slowly turning spirals
And the sound of violins
And in the halls the echoes fall
And the laughter begins

In the candlelight
I see your face
A thousand years may pass
We the dawn breaks we forget

We’re only dancing with strangers
Only dancing with strangers
To the end of time

She moves like Cleopatra
Through crowded room
And whispers the secrets she keeps
And the masks we wear
Are always changing
Like the people we meet


An empty beach
Just out of reach
From angry seas that take
My footprints from the sand

No distant ship
No distant sail
Just lonely skies that hold
Horizons in my hand

Does it have to be
The lonely sky that calls
Do we have to live
Trapped inside these walls

In Lighthouses
We live our lives
Still searching
Never free.

An empty sky
No sea-gulls cry
Just lonely traces
Of the places they knew

So day and night
I watch the light
Turn and spiral
In my eyes


I turn my thoughts to freer things and run
Beyond these city walls where the boundaries end
Nameless faces and forgotten streets
I wonder if it’s you I’m going to meet

And I’m sleepless
Aphrodite smiles

The sleepless dream and the dreamless sleep
But I’m free to wander
Chasing angels and I’m chasing songs
Through forgotten streets alone


I hear a song
In a dream sometimes.
Carry across the surface

And on the tides
The rise and fall,
Like a prayer

And I hear, I hear your song,
Voices, Voices, Voices
…from the blue.

And in the silence
And ocean waves
A spirit sleeps
For all who dream
And all who weep
May we find shelter

Sunlight and Shadows

Sometimes a fleeting glimpse
Some long forgotten thing
Where the mind lingers still

Sometimes I turn to look
And it slips away again
Sometimes I just forget

It’s only Sunlight and Shadows
That fall along the avenues I go

Yesterday has come and gone
Tomorrow’s just a dream
And in the places where I walk
I’m always caught between

Sunlight and Shadows
That fall along the avenues I go

Imperceptible Shift

Count the Stars
Count the stars with me tonight,
Nowhere I would rather be,
Following the satellites,
Across the sea.

Count the stars,
With me tonight,
As the illusion slips,
I’ll take your hand in mine,

Kiss your lips.

hope you don’t mind,
Forgetting for awhile,
I hope you don’t mind,

Count the stars with me tonight.
You always knew that you were free.
If you look back on this,
Remember me.

Count the stars with me tonight.
One last time.
Before the world wakes up,
I’ll say goodbye.

Everybody’s Beautiful

There’s an almost imperceptible shift in the light,
And the sky is indigo.
This moment and the next,
Seem to connect somehow.
The sound of laughter from far away,
Sounds like a dream to me,
I can hear the children play,
And I wonder where I’ve been.

And everybody’s beautiful,
To me.

And I walk through these avenues,
And the fallen leaves,
Time means nothing here,
Cos I’ve always been.
I think I’ll stay awhile,
And watch the seasons change,
And if you take my hand,
We’ll walk out there to the edge.

And everybody’s beautiful,
To me.


Who put these flowers at my feet,
Who walks out on the water tonight,
Who makes the tides rise up
Who’s is the face I see,

It’s too deep

Who makes me wait
On this shore
A thousand ships go by
Who still believes in miracles
Should I let you see me cry

It’s too deep

And a kiss becomes the ocean
I drown,
And I can’t touch these sides
And I can’t fight.
A kiss becomes the ocean
And I drown,
I can’t touch these sides,
And I can’t swim.

I don’t mind breaking waves
I have no place to be
I can wait forever
I can wait for all eternity

It’s too deep


Circle never ends.
We come round again.
Through this spiral, throughout his dream.
Time is like a wheel,or so it seems,
Why do you stand there alone again.

Step out of the shade,
It will be alright,
I think I’ve seen you before.
We’ve got time,
Time enough,
As we lie waiting for the dawn.

To find a rhythm for this soul of mine,
To find a reason for this song,
To find a rhythm for this soul of mine,

It’s your heartbeat,
That keeps me dancing.
When all of this is gone,
You still remain
And I will not forget.
Step out of the shade,
Into this light,
And the music’s never going to end.


Who painted scenes in indigo?
Who dreams in violet haze?
Who saw the world bright as it could be?
Dies in his rage.

Who wrote the songs,
Burning guitar?
Tore pieces from the sky.
Who tells the truth?
Who turns away?
Who could make the whole world cry?

We were dreamers
We were dancers
We were beautiful

We were lovers
We were fighters
We were beautiful
Too beautiful…
Fireflies in a Hurricane.

Jimmy dies a broken man,
I read his poems in a book
They say we’re all crazy now
Maybe take a look.


Not touching ground but made of air I wish
That I were not confined to mortal forms
More than this I sense, more than this
In the distance calls.

The miles that lie between
Heaven and earth meet
I turn to go
In any direction home.

Until my body breaks
Until my spirits free
Until my lungs scream for air I guess

I’ll be running to catch
Running to catch,
Always running to catch the distance.

It always lies just out of reach
On this shore an empty beach is all I find
A single set of footprints
Is all I leave behind.

I write your name in the sky
Your name in the sand
But the words I can’t say
In this place so much space
And here I’ll stay.


My wings are wild and torn
Strange against the sky
Where I belong
Where I fly

My wings are wild and torn
Broken silhouette
Where only angels go
I’ll not forget

This ragged soul of mine

My wings are wild and torn
Losing altitude
Lonely like the sun
Lonely in the sky


I think that I’m a prisoner
I think that I’m enslaved
I think the distance is too vast
So I remain
I think that you are beautiful
I think I’m strange
Sometimes I think too much
I think it’s going to rain.

In these four walls that surround me
In this fragile state of mind I wait
In these four walls that surround me
Outside I hear the sound of children laughing.

I think the room is crowded
I think that we’re alone
I think I’m terrified
I think we’ll go
I think it’s going to change
I think it’s coming soon
You know I used to dream
But now I wait for you


Through the long night I am driving
Take the white lines on the highway
Turn the radio on

Static lose the signal
Turn the dial to find the station
Turn the radio on

Can you hear me
I’m losing you.

Find the frequency
Turn the radio

I don’t want to lose my way
And I don’t want to die alone here
Turn the radio on
Searching through the airwaves
For a voice that’s going to save me

Turn the radio on