“His first solo record, Sunlight & Shadows, sounds much more stripped-down and intimate. Many of the songs are simply vocal, guitar, and soft brushes on snare drums, but they’re carried by diverse melodies and Van Straten’s husky, rich voice, which has all the storytelling inflection of singers like Harry Chapin and Jim Croce, and a deep croon reminiscent of Leonard Cohen.”

By Niki D’Andrea for The Phoenix new Sun Times

“The man is purely musical. His voice, accompanied or not, is melodic and easy on the ears – seemingly the reflection of a calm nature. This calmness permeates his every song, making each one appear as though it were a beautiful tendril of thought set to music – a dream sequence – rather than a structured concept. This saves his music from any feelings of contrivance, and threads it with emotive sound – he could be speaking any language and his lilting voice would still convey peace and motion of thought to the listener.”

CD review by Mayne Space

“Abri is fantastic. His lyrics are amazing and so is his voice and guitar playing.”

Ben Levine, manager

“I am listening to Abri’s music and it just pleases my ears.I love the way he takes the words he writes and mixes them with his wonderful, deep voice and the sounds of his guitar.He is not only a sexy and talented artist but he paints a beautiful picture with an awesome distinctive sound.”

Amazon customer, D. Katusic

“WOW. I first heard this artist when I stumbled across The Lemmings. Abri is fantastic. His music is wonderful for a romantic evening by the fire. Terrific. Keep his albums coming. When I found out Kristin Bauer of True Blood is married to Abri it made it all the more special. Thank you.”

Amazon customer, Sara Tajeldin

“This CD is the most uplifting and spiritual CD i have listened to in ages. the words are just pure poetry and i just can’t say enough how much i enjoyed and still enjoy listening to it. Everyone should buy this and listen. it Just takes you too a beautiful place. please buy you will love it as much as i do.”

Amazon customer, Elizabeth Chandler

“What an amazing sound this man has in his ethereal delivery of each of his musical messages.
Abri has the type of voice that at times sounds sounds like a mash up of Sting and Dylan with a softer, controlled and captivating hook that is the sign of a truly gifted musician.
Thank you for the music.”


“Just had to tell ya…..I received my Lemmings cd in the mail the other day…have listened to the cd over and over…I love Rain….I love Count the Stars….my favorite is Everybody’s Beautiful….All the songs are great…I just love listening to him talk…it just makes you melt.”

Amazon customer, Vickie Ostrader Gerlach

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